"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Five years after my husband and I had gotten married, we began trying to have a baby. I had severe female problems, and had several scopes ran to determine the source of all my pain. I was put on several different medications and suffered extreme pain all the time. Despite all of these factors, we kept trying for a baby anyway. Doctor's told me I had endometriosis, and PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.) These two factors made it extremely hard to conceive. Both of these diagnosis hinder fertility hormones.

They also told me I had a "shy cervix" and my uterus was retroverted, which added more obstacles for us to face as we embarked upon this journey. I had recently recovered from the truck accident and I was not in very good health. I was overweight and I didn't pay any attention to a healthy diet whatsoever. I was taking a pill for every problem in my life during this time as well. I can even remember taking meds for high blood pressure.

I was suffering so badly with the pain, that I finally just got a consultation about getting a partial hysterectomy. They told me if I removed my uterus all of my pain would go away. Then God showed up. Regardless of all the odds against us, we FINALLY CONCEIVED A BABY. We were over the moon excited..........until I lost the baby at 10wks. Then, we were devastated.

We were so devastated we quit trying to conceive a child at all. We couldn't understand why God would give us a glimmer of hope, then take it away in an instant. This was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I was so miserable with myself, mentally and physically. I had hit my rock bottom. I told myself, "This is it, I'm not living like this anymore."

This was the pivotal moment in my life where I made the decision to get healthy. I told myself I was going to live life and I was going to enjoy it. This was when I made the decision to change for good. I started my #fitnessjourney shortly after the devastation of my #miscarriage. I was grasping onto what little hope I had left.

After a year and half had gone by I was in the best shape of my life. I made the decision to get #healthy, then I committed to it. I was so healthy and had finally found myself happy again. I had lost 85lbs. and was feeling amazing. We started back attending church regularly and our #faith was on a continuous climb.........And out of nowhere, I got pregnant.

So, I had just lost all this weight and I got pregnant. I wanted to continue to be healthy and exercise, but I also wanted my baby to be as healthy as possible. I literally went by the book during this pregnancy. If it told me to eat a carb and a protein before a workout, that's what I did, even if I wasn't hungry. I can remember being so scared at the beginning. I was so afraid I was going to lose this baby too.

Around 5 months pregnant, we were out somewhere, and I began talking to a woman. She put her hand on my belly and told me my baby was going to be very special and that God had great plans for him. I didn't feel weird at all about it, if anything I had finally found a peace about my pregnancy. From that point on I just knew this baby was going to be okay.

So, the time came to bring our #rainbowbaby into this world. I decided to get induced, therefor we had to be at the hospital at midnight. My husband slept on the couch beside me during the night and he woke up complaining of his back hurting. As he continued to complain, I was just like, "really Tim, you're going to complain about back pain while I'm literally in labor." He then got in the shower and I heard him screaming, he said he was peeing blood.

So, apparently he was passing #kidneystones and his brother had to rush him to the walk in clinic to be seen by a physician. Meanwhile, I'm still in labor and my heart rate started plummeting. I remember getting dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. They then came in to tell me I would need to have an emergency C-section because the baby was in distress. Tim was still at the doctor and at this point they had him hooked up to an IV. They had to call him and tell him they were about to rush me into an emergency #Csection.

So, he told the doctors what was going on and they frantically started squeezing the bags to help rush the fluids into his system so he could hurry up and get back to the hospital. I remember laying in the operating room and hearing the doctors say, "here comes Dad, don't let him touch anything he's doped up on pain meds." As soon as he sat down beside me, they began to cut me open. When they opened me up, they discovered the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.They cut the cord and pulled him out and I can recall living the longest 2-3 minutes of my life as I was laying there waiting to hear him cry.

And finally, there it was, the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard, my baby's cry. So on the 7th day of the 7th month of 20(14) double 7, Tucker Lee Evans was brought into this world. The number 7 represents Jesus's perfect number of completion. I believe his birthday marks him for greatness. I believe my baby boy is extremely special and that he will do amazing things for the Kingdom of God. He definitely came into this world with a bang and I believe he will continue to make a dramatic entrance wherever he goes.

He is a big ball of energy. He is compassionate and kind. He already loves Jesus and he loves helping others. He never stops, so he keeps us on our toes at ALL times, but we wouldn't have it any other way. And he is now the best big brother ever. He takes care of his baby brother and always makes sure he is safe and happy.

If you are trying to have a baby and if you've suffered through having a miscarriage, don't give up hope. Keep your faith. Be sure you are taking care of yourself and you are as healthy as possible. For one, because it will increase your fertility hormones, and two because your baby is going to need you to be healthy when he or she is growing inside of your belly. You will have that baby. Your prayers will be answered, don't stop praying and don't stop believing for that baby.

We now have two baby boys, Tucker Lee and Gunner Tate. We are living proof that God is good. He does not waver and he is always listening to your prayers.

I have clients all the time who tell me they can't lose weight because they have #PCOS. I also have this. It does make it hard to lose weight, but it doesn't prevent you from doing so. You can correct any hormonal imbalance with proper nutrition and exercise. If you have PCOS and #endometreosis don't give up on having the baby of your dreams. Your baby is going to show up when you least expect it.

Your baby is waiting for you somewhere over the rainbow..................

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