From a Wheelchair to a Trainer

I'm just a small town country girl with big dreams and this is my story.....

About ten years ago, my life drastically changed in a split second. I had just gotten married and was working at a lumber yard. I was walking across the parking lot of my job and a truck struck me from behind, knocked me down, then parked on top of my legs. I was lying there trapped underneath the wheel of what seemed like the biggest truck in the history of man. I spun around and frantically began beating on the door of the truck screaming, "Get it off of me! Get it off of me!"

Finally, a herd of people come running towards us to bring to this man's attention that he had run over and parked on top of me. So, he then had to back off of me. I was on the phone with my husband at the time and he told me he thought someone had thrown a spider on me or something because all he could hear was me screaming, "Get it off of me" over and over. Lord, I wish it would've been just a spider.

Once I got to the hospital I was told my ankle bone broke through the skin, I had a mass of my left calve muscle torn off, and several other contusions covering my lower extremities. (Warning, if you don't like blood, don't look at these photos.) I then had to go to wound care for a few months to tend to the

extensive burns and wounds I had. That was one of the most torturous experiences I have ever endured. If you don't know anything about wound care, you can't possibly understand the magnitude of pain this entails.

I won't go into detail, I'll let you take my word for it. So, while I was tending to the most severe injuries before the less severe, I was having to use my right leg more to support my body, and it wasn't in the best of shape either. A few months went by and my left leg was beginning to get stronger and heal and I was able to start putting more weight on it. I was so ready to get out of that wheelchair. Oh and a fun fact: We were living in a two story apartment with our bedroom upstairs. That meant my husband had to carry me up and down those stairs every time we had to go somewhere, and I had to go to the doctor A LOT.

Fast forward to my first series of physical therapy. As I was running on the elliptical machine I knew something didn't feel quite right with my right knee. I had a series of test and scans ran and fought the doctor relentlessly to find the source of my pain. An MRI showed fragments of my kneecap had broken off and were grinding against each other this entire time. Thankfully, I kept advocating for myself and we got the problem solved. I had right knee surgery and had the bone fragments removed and my kneecap cleaned up.

Once I completed another series of physical therapy following this surgery, I had started to walk again with the help of my pink cane. It was a real cute accessory to my wardrobe. At this point I had gotten so out of shape and unhealthy, through no fault of my own, but I was completely miserable. I was overweight, in pain, depressed, and at my rock bottom. I had gotten so far gone from all of the medications I was taking, that I felt captive an imprisoned to my body. I thought this was going to be my story for the rest of my life.

As I was sitting in the social security office looking at everyone sitting in there and I felt an overwhelming feeling of disgust overtake me. I was applying for disability. Me, a 23 year old girl. This meant, I would never work again. These doctors told me I'd never be able to stand on my feet for prolonged hours without pain. They told me I'd never run again. They led me to believe this was my only option.

This was when I had hit "ROCK BOTTOM!" But, here's the thing about "rock bottom," the only way to go from there is UP!!!! This is when I leaned into what God was telling me. This is when I decided to get up and FIGHT to change my story. I made a decision to change, then I GOT UP every single day and fought RELENTLESSLY to regain control of my life. I lost 85 pounds on my weight loss journey. I am now free from the bondage that Satan had holding me down. I am no longer a slave to prescription pills or alcohol. I am no longer in a wheelchair or walking with a cane.

What I thought was the end of my story was actually the beginning. I am a living walking testimony. I now know what my purpose is in this life and I never would've known it unless I had to endure a little bit of pain. There is always a purpose for your pain if you serve Jesus Christ diligently. He will never forsake you. I first had to walk before I could run. I had to grow the desire to have the ABILITY that I didn't have for so long that it birthed a fighter inside of me I never would've found otherwise. I ran a full marathon in November 2016 of 26.2 miles nonstop (well unless I had to pee). That was one of the best feelings of my life, especially since I was told I'd never be able to run again. That in itself is a blog post I'll save for another day so....stay tuned.

So, this is me today. I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist through #NASM

and my purpose in life is to help others reach their goals in life, whatever they may be. God used something ugly to birth something truly inspiring and beautiful. He wants to use all of us for a greater purpose. Let me encourage you my friend. If you are at your rock bottom, that's a great place to be, because the only way you can go from there is UP.

Go visit my store and purchase you a copy of my Devotional Cookbook, "The Recipe to Faithful Fitness."

I tell you how God brought me through all of life's trials and struggles and how he allowed me to overcome them. It's also full of easy and healthy recipes you and your family will love. It's never too late to become the best version of yourself. It's never too late to believe in the impossible. It's never too late to chase big dreams. You'll never know what you are capable of until you try.

Until next time friends. Follow me and show me some love on my social media handles. Thank you and God bless.

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